All the artworks displayed in the restaurant have been created by Maestro Vittorio Fumasi, some of those have been exhibited in important art exhibitions in Italy and abroad, some others (as the low-relief "Italy", and both the high-relief portraits of Vespucci) have been created specifically for Vespucci Ristorante Italiano. 

Some of these  artworks were displayed for the first time in 1992 in Naples at one of the most famous and oldest aquarium in Europe founded in 1874 by a German scientist Anton Dohrn. It was a singular  “submerged exhibition”. For the first time ever, the bronze sculptures where collocated in the tanks with fishes as a fruitful demonstration of an endless dialogue between Art and Nature. The pieces were selected according their shape and perfectly placed in each tank, so that all the different species of fishes were dancing around, drawing elegant choreographies.

Cormorant ’91 was conceived in occasion of the worst oil spill in history, when a huge amount of oil was spilled in Persian Gulf and an incredible number of creatures died. Many of these, suffered a long agony trapped in the black tar. The pictures of fishes, seagulls and cormorants completely covered by this thick black tar were showed worldwide, their pain touched everybody and inspired many artists, writers and poets to speak up for them.

Meet the artist 

Professor Fumasi, now retired, has taught Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts in Florence for almost 30 years. He also represented Italy as a member of an international jury panel committee, composed of only top 9 Sculptors selected from all over the world, in occasion of the Olympic Games of Pecking 2008 for the creation of monumental art works exhibited in all Chinese cities that were hosting the games. Many of his pieces are either part of private collections and either permanently showed in museums. He is also present in history of art books.

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Some of the artworks displayed are for sale.

 Maestro Fumasi is also able to accept orders for custom requests.